Application Management System for Governments

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The solution is suitable for various cases that needs submission and processing applications

Consular Departament Services

Services to citizens all over the world including internal application processing in Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Applying for E-visa
  • Registering into consular account
  • Applying for temporary passport
  • Citizenship confirmation
  • Registering marriage
  • Election-related Systems
  • etc

Local Governments Application Systems

Convenient application submission environment for citizens and application processing environment for local government.

  • Residence change notification
  • Driver's license
  • Applying for welfare program
  • Building permit application
  • Logging permit application
  • Regional projects co-finance application
  • etc

Online Application Systems For Police

Using this Citizen Online Police Reporting System allows you to submit a report immediately.

  • Residence permit
  • Identity documents
  • Weapons permit
  • Residence permit
  • To the Victim Of a Crime
  • Country Border Control
  • etc

Online Notarial Application Systems

The Notary system is an environment which helps notaries in their everyday work and allows electronic communication between notaries and the state!

  • Official Acts and Services
  • Recording deposits
  • Issuing apostilles
  • Meter readings
  • Preparing Invoices and State Fee Payment Orders
  • Forwarding Records to State Registries
  • etc

Full application lifecycle implemented!

Citizens Web

Environment to submit or fallow citizen’s applications.

  • Multi-stage applications
  • Multilingual
  • E-mail notification and secure continuation of the applications
  • Automated notifications in application processing
  • Interfacing with local Authentication Systems
  • Interfacing with local payment solutions

Try out our consular services demo version and fill in some applications .

Try yourself!

Application processing environment

Application processing environment in one or many institutions internal lifecycles.

  • Citizens profiles
  • Automated payment import
  • Application Lifecycles between different roles and institutions
  • Linked to the population and other registers
  • Multilingual support

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